We pickup your plastics so they don't end up in landfill

We produce the products you want

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                   We pickup your waste plastic. 

  • Take-away containers
  • All Bottles ;  Water, soda, hand sanitiser, milk and soft drink
  • Lids and caps ; any colours

We cannot use greasy, oily or dirty plastics.

                      Be a part of the new Circular Economy

3D Printer
recycling bottle plastic

Shredder for
all plastics

KN95 single use masks

3M - Masks

Packs of 50 masks directly from the manufacturer.

Silicon Reusable Face Masks

Available in several sizes these are comfortable to wear all day


Open-Source Masks Molds

We are working on an open-source 3D model, for everyone to be capable of making their own masks. Fighting the Covid-19 epidemic it’s our first priority.

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