Development Plan

Stage 1   completed.

Mask molds have been designed ( image attached )

Just need the injection gate

Parts are changing to be cheaper and faster to 3d print


Stage 2   Making the molds 

This is proving to be difficult..and expensive.

so I have split up the task for 3d printing the mask mold.


  1. Friends who will print the mold parts locally with their home 3d printers. ( free )
  2. I have sent the files out for quotes to the mold from commercially 3d printed “mold” materials 
  3. I sent the files out to commercial CNC companies.. aluminium molds 


Stage 3 making parts 

Typical silicon casting methods.

The better the mold the better the part will be.

The silicon is around 35 euros per kg and seems to be still available on AMAZON

For 1kg we get approximately 5-10 parts

It’s the best I could find and has the following advantages.

Resistente a temperaturas de hasta 250 °C.

Tiempo de desmolde: 30 min


Stage 5 scaling up


As each silicon part will take around 30-45mins to cure.. we definitely need more molds.

With more molds we can produce more parts.


Also..  these parts can be molded in the hospitals as well.

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