Information About Our Funding

Investors information:


We will keep all the files updated here, reports and instructions.


Is 2k is the initial cost to start up cost?

Yes, as we need this to kick-start the mold making, and buy more Silicon, protective equipment like gloves.

This will pay for two sets of quality molds to be 3d printed in SLS or LPR machines.


Will it be used in Hospitals?

We believe so.

Park Tauli has already Validated a Cressi mask


What’s included in this startup cost (materials, number of masks, etc)?

2 x sets of 3d printed molds ( good quality, not 3d printed on a home printer )

The reason we want to start with good molds is that the surface quality, strength and dimensional stability is superior.

Also the hospitals will want a very clean product.

The Home use 3d printers will make reusable masks for others


How many can be made initially with the 2K and when will they be ready to go?

I assume we can make at least 10 units from these two molds to get to the hospitals as fast as possible for evaluation.

After this, when we know more . we can start looking at how many we will need and then schedule the production of more molds.


What will sponsors receive for their investment ?

Initially their logo / names on the website.

Here we are open to all suggestions !!


Will they include filters so they can be tested out straight away?



What will the estimated cost per mask be once everything is approved and up & running?

Yes, initially I thought it would be a long silicon curing time..but the newer silicon says 30mins.

I estimate 12-18 euros excluding the single use filters.


Just a rough estimate as it’s difficult to know exactly at this early stage.

Well considering how much a CPAP mask is..  we will be cheaper 🙂

I assume we could do the whole mask/tubes and filters for 30-46 euros.


How long will it take to produce one mask with the equipment you currently have and how many could you make in a day realistically?

1 part per mold every 45mins

Anyone with a set of molds can do this.


Have you found a reliable source of the small N95 filters, or do we all need to start looking and find something?

Yes, my contact in HongKong is sourcing them directly from 3M China


Do you have a reliable source for silicon and all other materials, or do we all need to start looking as well?

Yes Wagner – German company – on Amazon Prime


I have a vision of your technology and design to create these masks being available, at a price, to people/hospitals/companies/etc worldwide so production can happen locally.

Do you have the same vision?



How realistic is this?

It’s what we are planning to do as soon as possible.

The global community has already started contacting us with help.

OnShape and Formlabs


What prices would be realistic?

Selling each mask for 12 euros ( small medium or large )

Cartriges and filters are rising but thats why I’ll get them directly from Hong Kong


What would that entail and what help would you need with that?

We need some investment/sponsorship, urgently

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