We can work together and try to help out the hospitals while they take on COVID-19.

Hospitals everywhere are running out of personal protection equipment (PPE), which leaves the brave healthcare workers at a very high risk while working on the front lines.

Manufacturers overseas simply can’t keep up with the demand for PPE.

Creating reusable masks would cut down on manufacturing issues, given that only the small, round N95 filters would need to be replaced. 

The ability to create these masks close to hospitals all over would eliminate lengthy shipping times. 

So… we have a design for re-usable masks. 

These masks would be molded in Casting Silicone, medical grade if necessary, and have 2 x N95 filters installed that can be replaced over and over again. 

The silicone mask itself should withstand the 200deg temperatures reached during sterilization.

The idea is, to gain the interest of Hospitals in hopes that they will see this as something they can actually use.


The Mask is silicon and can be cleaned with soapy water to kill Corovid19. Other ways of sterilizing will be possible with the right selection of medical grade silicon. It’s comfortable and airtight.


Attached to the mask are 2 lengths of silicon tubing – medical grade is possible. Each tube can be detached from the mask and Filter Cartridge. Both tubes hang over the shoulders of the wearer, are out of the way, and make the mask lighter and easier to mold.

 No. 3

The filters are N95 3M which are currently much easier to source than a full N95 Respirator mask


These N95 filters are disposable. The Mask and tubing are designed to be re-useable. This is clearly a cheaper method in the long run.

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