Shredder/Grinder – Used for Recycling PET plastic bottles, before 3D Printing them



We demonstrate to people how to recycle PET Water bottles directly, in return for a 3d printed part of their choice.

We design and build our own Smart Shredder/Grinder based on customer requirements.

We have experience working with Councils, Malls and Festivals.

The people bring the plastic waste to one of our stands..they separate the lid and ring etc..  then throw the bottle into our shredder/grinder.. then remove the flakes from the machine..and pour it into the 3d printers.

That person also chooses the part they want.

This Shredder has a two stage shred and grind process and supplies the correct size flakes for the 3D printers.

This solves two keys to recycling..separation of clean plastics and the incentive to recycle.

It works perfectly to demonstrate our new Circular Economy.

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The original video we’re so proud of 🙂

3D printing in Sabadell, Barcelona

3D Printing in Kokomo, Curacao

All  Videos here on our YouTube Channel


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